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SlimStyles® is a premium range of products to support a healthy lifestyle consisting of PGX® and low-sugar meal replacement powders.

PGX® is a patented fibre complex which has been clinically trialled 15 times and shown to be effective in lowering the body’s glycemic index after eating a meal and assisting in the maintenance of normal healthy blood sugar levels. PGX® is available in a neutral-tasting powder format, which allows for it to be effortlessly mixed in with food or beverages, and convenient softgel capsules options.

The SlimStyles® range also contains delicious, low-sugar Meal Replacement Shakes which are available in chocolate and vanilla flavours which help to promote satiety as well as proving added nutrition, making it a convenient meal replacement option.

SlimStyles® is owned and operated by Factors Group Australia, a certified B Corp™.

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