MBR Sun Protection 50

High Protection Cream SPF 50 50g

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The innovative product technology of the MBR UVA / UVB PROTECTION SYSTEM protects the skin from sunburn, aging, wrinkles and pigmentation spots which can be caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The balanced active components in the MBR CARE / REPAIR SYSTEM intensively supply the skin with the necessary moisture, smooth it and help it maintain its elasticity.

High Protection Cream SPF 50 is a caring sun protection cream with the latest findings in medicine and biotechnology. The velvety-soft and highly effective cream reliably protects, cares for, and regenerates skin that is sensitive to the sun during sunbathing, in everyday life, or when doing sport or leisure activities outdoors.

Thanks to the patented twist-lock system, the light, non-sticky cream can be cleanly dispensed, easily applied, and quickly absorbed. The intelligent MBR CELL DEFENSE SYSTEM activates the body’s natural immune system and cell protection and stimulates the skin’s defenses.

Sensitive skin acquires an even and healthy-looking tan. 

Half an hour before sunbathing, apply liberally to your face, neck, and decollete, massage in gently so it is absorbed by the skin. Repeat as required.