TR Pro+™  10g

TR Pro+™ 10g

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A hydrogel that helps damaged skin by creating an environment that supports the healing process.

TR Pro+™ can assist healing where skin has been damaged or wounded (eg: biopsy, skin cancer removal, cosmetic and medical procedures). TR Pro+™ forms a thin biofilm protective layer, can relieve itching and discomfort, and is able to hydrate the skin to assist healing.

On Day 1, rinse the treated areas with sterile water. Apply a generous layer of TR Pro+™ similar to the application of a mask (approximately 2 mm thick, or the thickness of a 20-cent coin) and allow the gel to absorb. The area can be covered with a loose dressing if appropriate.

On Days 2-5, rinse the affected area, apply TR Pro+™ in the evening and leave overnight. After showering in the morning, apply moisturiser as necessary throughout the day if the skin surface feels dry and is intact.

After 5 days, and subject to advice from your healthcare professional, TR Pro+™ can be applied twice weekly. Where scarring may occur, TR Pro+™ can continue to be used for up to 90 days as the hydrating properties of TR Pro+™ may positively benefit normal scar formation.

When applying TR Pro+™ there may be a brief mild stinging sensation before the cooling effect of the gel becomes apparent, at which time there may also be a feeling of skin tightening which is normal. Use moisturiser throughout the day on intact skin if necessary.